Teach English in Taiwan

Teach English in Taiwan at Shane English Schools with Saxoncourt Recruitment. With year-round hiring island-wide, find out why so many people are looking for teaching jobs in Taiwan. 

Between its sub-tropical climate, incredible environmental diversity, and some of the friendliest people in the world, teaching abroad in Taiwan is the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss your chance. Learn more about work in Taiwan with Saxoncourt Recruitment.

Teach in Taiwan

We are currently recruiting for teaching positions across Taiwan. Taiwan’s educational sector and demand for English continues to grow.

Our benefits at a glance

  • NT$46,400 – NT$70,000 monthly salary (with pay rate increases every 6 months)
  • Contract completion bonus
  • Structured curriculum
  • Full training, welfare and academic support
  • Full recruitment support, residency and work permit sponsorship
  • Western management
  • Regular 5 day working week
  • Medical health insurance

Learn More about The Locations

We have exciting job opportunities in Taiwan.

Our schools at a glance

Our requirements

  • Passport holders from UK, CAN, USA, SA, IRE, NZ, AUS.
  • TEFL / TESOL / CELTA / DELTA preferred.
  • A university degree.
  • No teaching experience required.
  • Outgoing, enthusiastic, positive, sociable, hard-working, patient and professional.
  • Looking for a challenge and enjoy working with young learners.
  • A clean criminal record check from your home country (required prior to starting employment).

Teach English in Northern Taiwan

Teach English in Northern Taiwan

Teach English in Taipei

Taipei is truly a 24hr city with all the shops, restaurants and convenience you’d expect of a capital city. Whilst being a modern city Taipei retains a rich cultural heritage, with temples and night markets nestled among newer surroundings. Nature is also on your doorstep with the teahouses of Maokong, foothills of Yangmingshan and the riverside of Danshui

Teach English in Northern Taiwan

Teach English in Taoyuan

Taoyuan has pubs, nightclubs and KTV hotspots for those who wish to have a fun night out. There is also a wide variety of restaurants serving traditional Taiwanese food, as well as other cuisines. Taipei is only a short bus/train ride away. Both Taipei and Taoyuan have amazing night markets to be discovered.

Teach English in Central Taiwan

Teach English in Central Taiwan

Teach English in Hsinchu

Hsinchu is home to a number of museums.  The photography museum in the centre of town, the glass museum (where you can blow your own glass) and Guqifeng museum where, housed beneath an enormous red statue of a Daoist deity, you can peruse artefacts from ancient China. Guqifeng is also close to the peaceful 18 Peaks Park, a great place to go walking, jogging, or (if you’re up early enough!) you can join in with people doing tai-chi.

Teach English in Central Taiwan

Teach English in Taichung

Being located in central Taiwan, Taichung is perfectly placed for visiting the high mountains of the Central Mountain Range as well as the beautiful Sun Moon Lake. In fact within the city limits there are several hiking trails ranging from a gentle stroll to steep slopes that require ladders to climb. The city has a science museum, art museum and botanical gardens. Not far from Taichung is the old town of Lukang which has some of the best preserved buildings in Taiwan and a huge variety of traditional snacks. In the evening, Taichung has a lively nightlife and attracts people from all over central Taiwan. There are a number of good clubs and foreign owned bars. The good weather means relaxing at a Taiwanese style beer garden is a good and cheap option.

Teach English in Southern Taiwan

Teach English in Southern Taiwan

Teach English in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second-largest city and has a wealth of interesting sights and hangout spots. Perhaps the most famous attraction is Lotus Lake, a recreational area to the north of the city, accessible by MRT. There is also an elegant Confucian temple on one side of the lake. It’s well worth visiting if you have an interesting in Chinese and Taiwanese culture. The Sizihwan bay area is extremely beautiful, with a nice harbour where you can watch the sun go down and an old, well-preserved British consulate building up on a hill which you can visit. Qijin Island, a thin strip of land which hosts Kaohsiung’s main beach, is also a lovely place to while away an afternoon and eat some excellent, fresh seafood. This is a 5 minute ferry ride away from Gushan harbour in Sizihwan. If you are into nature and hiking, you can head to Shoushan (‘Longevity Mountain’- referred to as Monkey Mountain by foreigners), a huge hill which dominates the western side of the city. There are wooden walkways which make getting around the mountain less of a challenge, and you will see dozens of Formosan macaque monkeys, a Taiwanese native species, in the trees and on the paths.

Teach English in Southern Taiwan

Teach English in Tainan

Kaohsiung and Tainan are located in an amazing location if you want to explore the south of Taiwan (and why wouldn’t you?). To the north you have Tainan, a picturesque city with a wealth of Taiwanese history and culture. To the east you have Pingtung County and the Maolin Scenic Area, which boasts breath-taking mountains and a number of idyllic waterfalls which you can visit if you find someone who knows the way. And a little further south is Kenting, a sun-drenched tropical paradise where you will find the very best beaches Taiwan has to offer.

We have exciting job opportunities in Taiwan.

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