A note from the Saxoncourt Team: The following is a sample of what we consider the ideal job post.

By no means do we demand you complete each and every section. Most sections we will complete based on information provided by the schools, and we will post a Featured Job even if certain non-essential sections are incomplete. We have found, however, that the more information we have, the higher the quantity and quality of applicants we get. We especially need help with a) an authentic description of the city, b) an authentic description of the school, and c) teacher testimonials.

Below is a look at each section. We like to infuse our work with a little humour and fun – at least for the sake of the teachers – so hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

School: Your School

Location: Your City, Your Country

Start Date: IMMEDIATELY or Month YEAR

Give us a quick run-down on how your school is awesome. What makes it a positive environment: the people, the location, the poltergeist in the lavatory? At the very least, make not-so-bland assertions that the staff, students, and the surrounding neighbourhood are better than merely tolerable. This is a prospective teacher’s first impression of you and your school, so something short, memorable, and/or welcoming will go a long way.

Salary and Benefits

  • X RMB per month. [*We including the salary and housing allowance together here.]
  • # working hours per week
  • X RMB end of contract bonus.
  • X RMB flight reimbursement.
  • X week(s) of comprehensive training, paid X RMB per week
  • X days paid holiday, including national holidays
  • Health insurance provided by the school
  • Airport pickup
  • Arrival hotel paid for by the school X days

Job Description

  • X teaching hours per week
  • X office hours per week (including prep time)
  • 2 consecutive days off
  • teaching AGE GROUP(S)

And then maybe have a quick write-up if you have any special tasks or requirements on the job. We’ll have a boilerplate description of what teachers have to do, so this isn’t a top priority, but it is an opportunity to make your school stand out to potential applicants.

Job Requirements

[We have a standard set, so just let us know if your job either has more or fewer requirements.]

  • a passport from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or South Africa
  • a bachelor’s degree or better
  • a 120-hour TEFL certificate or better (No TEFL? No problem. Find out more about Saxoncourt’s FREE TEFL.)
  • a clear criminal background
Teach in China - Info at a Glance


YOUR CITY is now a Tier 1 City in YOUR PROVINCE, China. It borders two other large cities, THIS CITY to the left and THAT CITY to the right. Additionally, the Intercity High-Speed Railway links YOUR CITY directly to both ANOTHER CITY (1.5 hours) and WHO CARES (45 minutes). YOUR CITY has a long history of Stuff, a bunch of Old Bulidings, and even A Bridge. This is sure to excite teachers, right?

So yes, we are laying it on thick, but frankly so should you. If you’re not Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Hong Kong, you’re fighting an uphill battle for the hearts and minds of your teachers. Make your city Exciting or Peaceful or Bizarre. Tell them about The Thing, The Other Thing, and The Place that every expat sees and gets excited about. Let them know about the hidden, expat haunts where they can still get a good burger, a fish and chips, or a curry when missing things from home.

And if at all possible, include some of the hobbies and activities that are available in your city. Crochet Capital of Asia! Sewer spelunking! The home of the llama luge! Whatever fun, interesting things that will catch the imagination and keep the attention of potential teachers.

Most of all, try to include photos. Nice – but authentic – photos are best. We can comb Google Images as well as you can, or better from outside the Great Firewall, so please don’t waste your valuable time on this. What we don’t have is nice pictures from you and your team to give it a personal touch.

How far will your salary go?

According to www.expatistan.com or numbeo.com, here’s what you can expect to pay in YOUR CITY:

  • A dinner for two at a midrange restaurant – X RMB
  • Cut and colour for a Bichon Frise – X RMB
  • [TAPs or teachers can provide a few items of interest, but Saxoncourt Recruitment will pull some interesting stats from the above sites.]
  • [We tend to include about 10 to 12 prices.]
  • [Some are pretty standard – like dinner for two, a couple cinema tickets, or a pint at the pub.]
  • [And then a few more of interest.]
  • [You get the idea.]
  • [But just in case we’re not being clear, there’s a pretty infographic attached, too.]
Cost of Living in Beijing

Why Teachers Want to Work at YOUR FANTASTIC SCHOOL

Teachers would love to hear about what it’s like to teach at your school from you and your teachers, so paint a picture. (And also include some pictures.) What makes your school special, if not unique? What’s the team like? Do you have any fun amenities at the school or nearby? Anything to make your school look and feel like a special place to be will go a long way towards bringing in the kinds of teachers you want.

It might also be nice to include the number of students, the size of the team, and a bit about them in a short description. And please save yourself a few thousand words of description and send us some photos of the school (approximately 1000 words per picture or so we’re told). Teachers will feel a lot safer putting that pen to the dotted line when they can see what they’re signing up for.

Teacher Testimonials

Meet the Top Academic Person (TAP) at YOUR SCHOOL

This is where you get the chance to introduce your amazing self. This first paragraph is a great place to include your qualifications, including experience, education, and number of Instagram followers. A bit about how tight a ship you run and how may also be appropriate.

Follow up with a little bit about you as an actual human person. It’s worth noting that many of the teachers reading this are getting ready to leave behind everyone they love and everything they’ve ever known to work with you. A friendly demeanour – and even a sense of humour – will go a long way.

And note the picture off to the side. Smile, relax, and try to be as welcoming as possible. Finally, please choose photo with a neutral background in decent lighting. While we appreciate taking photos with Shane in the background, it often gets cut as we edit the photos. We’ll add branding later.

TAP SAMPLE - profile image

Meet the BOSS

If you can provide a quick write-up about the boss – a manager, owner, or another higher-up – then that also goes a long way. Even something direct from the boss that we can translate would be amazing.

Just like the introduction to the TAP, it would be good to include some of the boss’s qualifications, experience, and thoughts on running a school.

Again, note the photo: professional but not too stiff. And taken in a neutral background.

BOSS SAMPLE - profile image

More about Shane English School China

In this section, we’ll introduce Shane English School China. We’ll have a boilerplate section ready that we can add to each Featured Job, but if you’d like to introduce Shane in your own wonderful way, we’d be happy to post that instead.

We are an employer and not a recruiter. Shane English Schools is a subsidiary of The Saxoncourt Group.


[This is a general video about teaching in China, but we will make one just for your school if we can get all the info we need about your school and city.]