I will be relocating to South America next year. I hope to use my CELTA qualification to start a new career in teaching English. I did fairly extensive research and I was swayed by the quality and enthusiasm of the teacher whom I met at Saxoncourt.

The CELTA course is unbelievably demanding and rigorous – something which I was warned about by everyone I talked to and by every forum I found online, and they were right! It is also huge fun and extremely challenging. The teachers are extraordinary; each expertly using the method that they are teaching whilst still retaining their individuality and showing by example, how Student Centred teaching can be adapted to one’s own strengths, life experience and personality without having to turn into a CELTA robot. The other students were a wonderful mixed bag of ages and backgrounds which, also made the the stresses and strains of the course not just bearable but also enjoyable to overcome as a group.

Until I move to and start teaching in South America next year, I plan to be getting as much teaching experience in the UK as I can. I hope to turn up at Argentinian schools and with as chunky CV as I can muster with a stack of references. I’m on a couple of Cambridge Teacher online Courses as I have some huge gaps in my English grammar education which i’m racing to fill. I have also been lucky enough to be employed as a private tutor by a school as soon as I finished my CELTA course and also have 5 private students.

I also plan to volunteer to give English classes to refugee charities in order to develop my classroom teaching skills.



I’ve decided to take the CELTA course because I wanted a change in my career. Since the first moment, I was very well treated and oriented by the members of the Saxoncourt team.

During the acceptance interview, I was already able to have a clear picture about how the course is ran, and its objectives. But, before I started, I couldn’t have imagined how well structured and effective the course is. The tutors are very prepared, experienced and ready to help you in many ways! They always make efficient input sections, where they are able to show an impressive amount of concepts and aspects of teaching. The “teaching practice” lessons are really effective in preparing the trainee for the real teaching experience, as they are monitored by the tutor and the trainee get the feedback at the end of every lesson. I had the opportunity to work with a special group, fellow trainees who were from a wide range of nationalities, ten to be more exact. It was an amazing experience, a very rich cultural exchange and an opportunity to observe how the English language is perceived among different cultures.

The school has a good structure to work in, a friendly environment and an excellent organization. When I finished the course, my main concern was to get involved ASAP with the teaching practice.

Exactly 2 weeks after the end of the course I was accepted in a Colombian government program to teach in public schools for one year, as a part of a project to make Colombia a bilingual country by 2020.

CELTA really has major acceptance around the world, and the career opportunities are exciting.



I have always wanted a career in teaching; however, I often get itchy feet and love to travel. The CELTA qualification is a winning combo between all three, letting me to fulfil my desire to teach whilst allowing me to go wherever I want, for as long as I want. It is also malleable to my whims. It lets me weave between learning a language in Asia, earning money in the Middle East and seeking adventure in Latin America, simultaneously gaining valuable experience and credentials to progress further in my career.

Saxoncourt is the perfect place to study TEFL. Firstly, it is placed in the hub of one of the most multicultural cities in the world where you will gain first hand, genuine experience in teaching people from all over the globe. Secondly, Saxoncourt offers the CELTA which gives every one of its students a grade that highlights the effort put in and a detailed report which can be used as a reference. This report is a Golden Egg for any newly graduated teacher ready to embark on their career.

Finally, there’s the staff; from reception, to teachers, to recruiting. Each TEFL trainer brings to the table years of first-hand experience, reams of knowledge and a deep personal desire to guiding their students towards progression and success. With what I’ve learned from the wonderful teaching staff and with the aid of the amazing recruitment team here, I’ve managed to secure myself a job in Japan within a week of finishing my course. I could not have done it without them.

For anyone considering CELTA at Saxoncourt, I really could not recommend this course highly enough.



I had decided on a career change; moving from IT Marketing to Teaching English. I decided I had to achieve three objectives to do this: gain a globally recognised qualification, receive high quality training and then; get a job. I decided that the CELTA was the qualification.

I selected Saxoncourt as the school after a lot of research and I was extremely pleased with the exceptional quality and experience of the trainers: Rick, Bee and Marion.

It was a demanding course but a wonderful experience.

I finished on the Friday and was working as a teacher by Monday thereby successfully achieving all my three objectives.



I did my full-time CELTA course at Shane Global in 2010. I then taught EFL in private language schools in London for a few months before going on teach ESOL at a Further Education College. I am currently doing a PGCE in Literacy and ESOL at the Institute of Education.

CELTA is an invaluable and necessary teaching qualification to have because it focusses more on the practical aspects of teaching rather than the theoretical.

It really helped me to realise my potential as a teacher!



Doing the CELTA course was incredible! It increased my awareness of the English language and really challenged my previous conceptions about how to teach effectively. But the best part of the course was definitely teaching the students; seeing them learn and progress was fantastic! ….

It was a rewarding experience and now I can’t wait to apply everything I’ve learnt to my first EFL teaching position.

I have my heart set on Italy.



I did a CELTA at Saxoncourt in summer 2012 and was instantly offered work in Asia by Saxoncourt recruitment which was my dream location!

I’ve just gotten back from working in China for a year and am looking forward to embarking on my next contract in Japan which will start in January.



I took the full-time Saxoncourt CELTA in January 2013. The course is thoroughly planned and exceptionally well delivered.

If you see yourself teaching English as a foreign language, then Saxoncourt will prepare you to do the job well.



I did my CELTA at Saxoncourt in 2006 and hugely enjoyed it: the quality of the teaching is so high and there’s a really supportive, friendly atmosphere. Before getting my job teaching English in London, I taught for a year and a half in South Korea. It’s an amazing place.

If you’re after a real adventure and want to experience a completely different way of life, I recommend it.



I learnt so much on my CELTA course at Saxoncourt. The trainers were really supportive and when I finished I felt ready to start my career in TEFL.

I’ve now been teaching for 5 years including an incredible 4 years in Spain.

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