Welcome to Saxoncourt,

your ticket to teaching abroad!

Saxoncourt recruits passionate, energetic EFL teachers to join our global network of 300+ schools.

From where you are right now to the start of your new life across the world and beyond, we’ll provide all the support you need for your adventure abroad.

Welcome to Saxoncourt Recruitment, your ticket to the world!

Start your ESL adventure by joining our network of 300+ schools across the globe!

From where you’re sitting right now to starting your new life across the world, we’ll provide everything you need for an unforgettable experience teaching abroad.

What to Expect from Saxoncourt

Secure your visa.

Reimburse your flights.

Provide airport pickup and hotel on arrival.

Give thorough teacher training and academic support.

Ensure a great working contract.

Support you throughout your time with us.

Who We Recruit For
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Shane English School

Saxoncourt Recruitment is a direct employer for Shane English School in China and a sourcing partner for Shane English Schools in Taiwan and Japan.

Shane English School is a sister brand of Saxoncourt Recruitment under the Saxoncourt Group. With over 40 years of excellence in English education, Shane English School is one of the world’s largest British-owned language schools in the world with over 300 schools in 14 countries (and counting).

Learn more about Shane English Schools or apply now.

Why Choose Saxoncourt?

Saxoncourt’s relationship with Shane English Schools connects us directly to the school we place you in regardless of location. We take care of you from the time you apply, through your teaching job abroad, until it’s time for you to move on to a new adventure.


Saxoncourt will ensure a competitive salary so you can live well and save monthly. Your contract will also include a housing allowance, health insurance and an end of contract bonus.


You’ll get a minimum of 22 paid holidays throughout your contract so you can get out and explore. Try something new. Eat something new. Or just kick back and relax at home.

Enjoy with Saxoncourt Recruitment


Enjoy your new adventure from beginning to end with flight reimbursement, airport pickup, and a hotel upon arrival. Then get continued support from our welfare and academic staff throughout your time with us.

From the Teachers

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Teach in China
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Featured Job Headings

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